Cellulite – let’s see if we can get rid of it

Housewives are always trying to look nicer for their husbands, right? This housewife is no exception. My husband is a hot little potato, and we want to keep him interested! Ugh, cellulite. You are ruining everything*. THis is NOT my body. But this is what the homeremediesweb.com people say will happen to my VERY LIGHT … Continue reading

Juicy! How this housewife makes a green juice for breakfast

Be Prepared. I was a girl scout. I think that was their motto – Be Prepared. And also, eat Thin Mints. But first, Be Prepared. After we went grocery shopping this week, I took my juicy stuff (celery, carrot, apples, ginger, cucumber) and I cut them up to fit my little juicer machine. A squeeze … Continue reading

F It List: Part one

Some people have a bucket list… I have a f#$& it list. 1. Run a marathon. Why on earth do people do that? 2. Travel! I’m happy right here on my couch, thanks. Plus, the real housewives go everywhere worth visiting, so I’ll just watch that. 3. Plastic surgery. I prefer squashy. And droopy. I’m … Continue reading

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