Nearly 30…

I am less than a month away from my 30th birthday. this is maj.


i thought my life would be different by the time i was 30. but, i guess i never really knew what 30 meant. you know, when you turn 20, and it’s supposed to be such a big deal, you’re not a teenage anymore – everything changes. and then you wake up, and it’s no effing different than any other day. just like prom night (when your high school boyfriend thinks that just because he rented a tux, that your entire personality will change and you will finally give it up. nope.) and graduation (when you’re an adult with bills and no job and no idea what you are doing) and all those other major milestones that really are just another day.

except for your wedding day. your wedding day is epic.

the day i became a housewife

the day i became a housewife

here’s an update on this housewife life…

the anticellulite apple cider vinegar plan did NOT work.

i joined the gym, and started going to yoga thrice once a week. sometimes twice.

i’m basically on an all carb diet.

i’m going to invest in an intense spanx slip for the big day.

i’m going to find a look from to celebrate!




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