October Food Swap: SF Swappers

The SF Food Swappers are my people. I knew it as soon as I read about it on fromscratchclub.com They make yummy food from scratch, then they hold a potluck and trade all the food for OTHER homemade delicious food!

I heard about the local event in my area just two days ahead, so I rushed home and made some roasted tomato pizza sauce…20121104-081726.jpg

This sauce was easy… just roast the heck out of tomato, onion, and garlic… then blend. Yummers. I made some no-knead pizza dough to go with it


This was my little display. I made a sample pizza as a taster… next time, I will make smaller pieces so it’s not so cumbersome.


There was some ridiculous looking food here. Like various pestos and blended yumminess.


Oh this? Just some honey. From someone’s backyard bees.


The same woman had these amazing herbs. It smelled like heaven and made me want to move to the country immediately so that I can have an epic kitchen garden, complete with chickens who will lay eggs that I will trade for jams.


The way the swap works, you put out your wares, with a “swap sheet” where others can write down what they are willing to trade for your yummies… after all the sampling is done, the swapping begins! You then go around, basically begging anyone who signed on your swap sheet to swap with you. That was not a very clear explanation… so you should get the real scoop from the organizers here:  http://homemadetrade.blogspot.com/p/swapping-how-to.html


Get a load of some of the other swap items!


I secretly kept an eye on my area to see if my goods were popular… they were 🙂


I met a wonderful local blogger, Emily of http://thebonappetitdiaries.wordpress.com/. she made this lovely granola – it was a big hit and she got a ton of loot!


This is my final haul! Blondies, herbs, homemade marshmallows, za’atar, and some arugula pesto! It was all so delicious (though I have not yet tried the fig apple butter…)

I will definitely be going back in December! I will have to think about what to bring to the swap…




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