Butternut Squash Soup – Housewife eats









I love soup.


I love wintery blended, yummy vegetable soups, made with huge  butternut squash! or other giant vegetables.


Start with butternut squash. Cut it in half,  and then in half.


Then brush with EVOO and salt and pepper the heck out of it. Oh, don’t forget to scoop the pulp and seeds out.20121104-080409.jpg

It’s not as easy as it looks.


ROAST IT! For like, an hour. At 375. Until it’s fork tender.


Assemble your fats! On the left, you’ll see my secret jar of bacon fat. It’s a secret from my husband. But everything tastes better, so it’s a nice secret. On the right, there is coconut oil… which I am pretty sure is actually good for you. It also works as a moisturizer. Don’t put your hands in the one you cook with, though. Separate jars, friends.


About 2 tablespoons of fat (whichever ones you choose – olive oil would work as well) and some mushrooms! In the pot!


Dice an onion!


Add it to the pot with the onions! Let that get magical and caramelized. Wait until the roasted squash is done.



Peel your squash, add to the pot, cover with chicken broth!

Simmer for 45 more minutes. BLEND it with your immersion blender.


Feed it to your husband. Don’t tell him about the bacon fat.





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