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Nearly 30…

I am less than a month away from my 30th birthday. this is maj.   i thought my life would be different by the time i was 30. but, i guess i never really knew what 30 meant. you know, when you turn 20, and it’s supposed to be such a big deal, you’re not … Continue reading

ten reasons i LOVE thanksgiving

Tgives is the BEST holiday. Here’s why. 10. The entire day is dedicated to cooking and eating. 9. You get two days off of work, if your job is awesome. (Note. Working at the Pretzel Maker/TCBY in the mall is NOT awesome.) 8. Kids do cute stuff, like have a thanksgiving feast at preschool, wearing … Continue reading

Chicken Stock: Housewife Eats

You need to make your own stock. Julia says so.   And we always do what Julia tells us. Especially when it’s Meryl as Julia.   ANYWAY, back to the stock!   Full-Flavored Chicken Stock from Mark Bittman, genius of cooking everything Ingrediences: 3 lbs. of chicken, preferably with bones and skin about 10 baby carrots … Continue reading

Hipppie Soup (not just for hippies!) : Housewife Eats

Once upon a time, before I was wifed up,  I worked at a summer camp. Not just any summer camp – Sierra Service Project. Which is a totally major service project, where high school kids go rebuild houses on an indian reservation for a week. I worked there for three summers, after attending as an awkward high … Continue reading

Inadvertent participation in No Shave November

I forgot this was happening… but it is. It’s No Shave November! In my pre-husband days, before I was wifed up, I used to let the leg hair go wild. all the time. i’m not especially hairy… but still. leg hair in the wind. it’s something you should try. but I digress! I did not … Continue reading

“Jessi. Nobody likes a smart ass.” the best advice I have ever received. 

Cellulite Update

It’s been 5 days now. The shot of apple cider vinegar each morning is a bit rough. It’s amazing how it feels like taking a shot of tequila or something – it really burns! Not that I would know.   A lady does not take shots. Write that down.   So far, no update on … Continue reading

October Food Swap: SF Swappers

The SF Food Swappers are my people. I knew it as soon as I read about it on fromscratchclub.com They make yummy food from scratch, then they hold a potluck and trade all the food for OTHER homemade delicious food! I heard about the local event in my area just two days ahead, so I … Continue reading

Butternut Squash Soup – Housewife eats

              I love soup.   I love wintery blended, yummy vegetable soups, made with huge  butternut squash! or other giant vegetables.   Start with butternut squash. Cut it in half,  and then in half.   Then brush with EVOO and salt and pepper the heck out of it. Oh, … Continue reading

F It List: Part two

Some people have a bucket list… I have a f#$& it list. 7. Golf on TV. Blegh. 8. straightening curly hair. let’s just be honest 9. sky diving. I’d rather die. 10. starburst candy. 11. snakes 12. lawns. I prefer an edible garden. 13. driving!

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